BMW Mini Air Bag Wiring Repair Louth

BMW Mini airbag wiring repair. This BMW Mini had a main dealer repair around 18 months ago. Sadly the customer was still getting issues with the airbag light coming on. Was fully scanned the vehicle and found it was the drivers side that was causing the issue.

Once we stripped down the harness we could see the seat loom crimps that the main dealer added to try and repair the fault. Sadly it wasn’t good enough and we cut the harness and soldered the wiring and repaired to OE spec. Once […]

Vauxhall Vivaro Electrical Fault Finding

We got called out to a vauxhall Vivaro which was suffering from a major power loss such as no electronics dash, lights, windows, locking and engine starting. Apon diagnosing the vehicle we found the battery connections to be in a very poor state. Due to the original battery being mounted under a metal panel in the floor it is exposed to the outside elements. This area caused the battery connections to become so corroded they wouldn’t allow the current to pass through.

We striped the whole thing down and cleaned every connection. after we were finshed we […]

Mercedes E Class Dash Cam Hardwire

A brand new Mercedes E Class needed a dash cam hardwire. Sadly the so called experts didn’t want to touch this vehicle due to the fuse boxes having no switched live fuses. This is becoming more and more common due to a huge amount of vehicles just using the vehicles can bus line in order to turn items within the vehicle on and off. The customer even tried to wire the camera in but had no sucess.

Within 40 mins we had this dash cam professionally wired in working off a switched igntion feed. Meaning the camera will […]

Volvo V70 Dash Cam Fitting Huttoft

We professionally installed a dash cam that was provided by the customer. This dash cam records the front and rear of the vehicle offering excellent all round protection. We hardwired this system into the vehicles electrics meaning no wires are running across the dash or headlining. All you have is around 3-6 inches of cable exiting the head lining ( dependant on vehicle and camera location on the window screen ). Having a dash cam installed is a very good investment to protect your no claims and to prevent your insurnace premiums rising in the event of having an accident […]

Fiat Ducato Indicator Fault Skegness Lincolnshire

This Fiat Ducato had an usual indicator fault where the indicators would only flash when the ignition is switched on. The hazard lights would not funtion. When striping down the dash when come across the orignal indicator module which was the only module which controls which controls all the indicator bulbs and outputs on the vehicle.

Apon testing the switch module the inputs and outputs where all funtioning correct. It was deemed the indicator control module located in the centre console was faulty. The Fiat Ducato is a big strip down in order to go get to this module […]

Vauxhall Insignia Dash Cam Fitting Grimsby

Dash cam fitting has become a large part of our work now due to many customers not wanting to mess around with new vehicle electrics. The trim panels in cars are now more harder than ever to remove and the airbag in the passenger or drivers a-pillar can be a major concern for many customers. As such customers want true professionals fitting there equipment rather than themselves or a large retail shop. DB Vehicle Electrics carried out this installation to a high standard and finished the wire off in OE Vauxhall / GM cloth tape. This dash cam featured an […]

Ford Focus MK2 RS Autowatch Ghost Fitted Lincolnshire

The Ford Focus MK2 RS is a stunning high performance car. The prices of these vehicles are always increasing and as such the theives are working hard to steal your pride and joy. The Ghost offers protection which can’t be found by following back wires from an LED for example. The Ghost used the original vehicle buttons in order to disarm the ghost when entering the vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost uses the vehicles original indicator lights in order to give you a notification when the vehicle is ready to start.

The Ghost immobilises the vehicle completely unless the code […]

BMW X5 Parrot MKI9200 Handsfree Fitting

This BMW X5 was lacking some tech, as such the customer decided on the Parrot MKI9200 to offer handsfree calling and Bluetooth music streaming. This means the customer can simply get in the vehicle and leave the phone within the pocket and the system will connect wireless via Bluetooth meaning there is no hassle at all. The vehicles speakers are muted during a call or when music is being played via Bluetooth this can all be controlled / adjusted via the parrot controller.

The system also offers a USB and AUX lead which is routed to the glove […]

Mercedes Sprinter Cobra Can-Bus Alarm Fitting Skegness

DB Vehicle Electrics fitted a Cobra Thatcham Approved Can-Bus Alarm system on this 2015 Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base van. The Cobra works very well on this vehicle by working alongside the original factory remote control, which means locking the doors will arm the alarm system and unlocking the doors will fully disarm the alarm meaning you are not inconvenienced in any way.

The alarm protects all major entry points on the vehicle such as the front doors, sliding door and rear barn doors. The alarm also protects the interior via ultrasonic sensors meaning if a window is […]

Ford Transit MK8 Thatcham Approved Deadlocks Fitted Louth

The Ford Transit MK8 is subject to many attacks such as attacking the drivers door lock with a pair of mole grips and twisting the original lock to the left causing the vehicle to unlock. On this MK8 Ford Transit we fitted Thatcham approved deadlocks to the sliding and rear barn doors giving excellent security against attack. The Deadlocks have brackets and fixings designed for this exact vehicle giving complete piece of mind in terms of appearance and over all performance.

The locks themselves come with 3 keys in total. But the deadlocks can be keyed alike […]

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