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Porsche Handsfree Louth

Porsche Handsfree Louth

DB Vehicle Electrics installed the most popular Parrot CK3100 into an excellent condition Porsche in the Louth area. This gived the customer handsfree bluetooth calling while on the move and we fitted the display just to the left of the steering wheel trims. This means the kit is sleek and hidden out the way,

We used the original Porsche phone inputs meaning the audio worked though the original vehicles speakers and the volume was adjustable via the Parrot and the original Porsche radio. The installation was very neat and you didn’t see any cable and no holes where made during the fitting, […]

Parking Sensors Fitted Mablethorpe

Parking Sensors Fitted Mablethorpe

DB Vehicle Electrics fitted a set of standard Gloss Black Rear Parking Sensors to a very good condition Ford Focus in the Mablethorpe area. This was due to the owner having parking sensors on there previous vehicle and them being lost without them. Once we fitted the sensors the customer had there faith in reversing the vehicle safety without fear of damaging there car or any objects around it.

The sensors are evenly spaced apart on the rear bumper to detect a wide range of objects which you may incounter while reversing. There was no […]

Range Rover Evoque Tracker Boston

Range Rover Evoque Tracker Boston

DB Vehicle Electrics fitted a factory approved stolen vehicle recovery tracking system to a very good condition Range Rover Evoque in Boston, Lincolnshire. This was a Trackstar system which is approved to a Thatcham approval rating of Thatcham Cat 6. This device gives a fantastic recovery service in the event of your pride and joy being stolen. Being factory approved by the Land Rover group you won’t have no issues with the main dealer or the insurance company. Did you know we are cheaper than going to the main dealer to get your tracking device installed.

Car Remote Code Grabber


Just released onto the market and a worry to many. This device can be used to grab your original car remote controls code when you press lock or unlock. The main worry is you won’t even know your car key has been cloned. when a thief presses the clone button while your locking your vehicle the grabber will store that unique code. Once you walk away the thief can simply walk upto your car or van and press unlock and gain entry into your vehicle.

This is a high end device which thieves are now using up and dow […]

Nissan Skyline Thatcham Cat 2 Lincolnshire

Nissan Skyline Thatcham Cat 2 Lincolnshire

DB Vehicle Electrics installed a Laserline Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser onto a very rare Nissan Skyline. It was imported into the UK and the insurance company wouldn’t insure the vehicle unless an approved immobiliser system was fitted. The customer went on recommendation from a customer we carried out a security installation for recently. And got us to install a Thatcham cat 2 product, we choose the Laserline for this vehicle due to the customer wanting to keep the vehicle for a long period of time.

The Laserline system in terms of quality and performance […]

Parking Sensors Skegness

Parking Sensors Fitted Skegness

DB Vehicle Electrics carried out a parking sensor installation in Skegness, for an elderly customer who was very worried about reversing her Nissan Micra. The vehicle was new to her and with the rear window being small it made reversing very difficalt. We recommended colour coding on this vehicle but the customer wasn’t fussed about having the standard black sensors. The 4 sensor kit works very well on this vehicle detecting objects on all the main parts of the bumper.

The kit works by having a buzzer which beeps once reverse is selected then it beeps faster […]

Difference Between Basic And Thatcham Alarms

Difference Between Basic And Thatcham Car Alarms

It comes up very often what is the Difference Between Basic And Thatcham Alarms? The answer is not a great deal. The quality of the componets inside the units are exactly the same and there is no issue with buying a basic alarm by a well known manufature. Good brands are Cobra, Laserline, Clifford and Viper.

What extra’s do you get with a Thatcham system over standard basic alarms. Thatcham Cat 1 alarms have to have a battery back up powered siren which means if the wiring is cut or the siren […]

Ford Transit 2001 – 2016 Anti Pick Door Lock Grimsby

Ford Transit 2001 - 2016 Anti Pick Door Lock Grimsby

Ford Transits have been a hot topic in the Grimsby, Lincolnshire area with theives using a lock smith lock picking tool. The Transits can take between 10-20 seconds to open with this tool that is inserted into the drivers door lock. And another thing you don’t want to hear is the factory fitted alarm system turns off when you put the blade key in the drivers door lock. This means your van can be opened and all tools can be stolen without anyone knowning or making a noise during the process.

Citroen Dispatch 2016 Parrot Handsfree Skegness

Citroen Dispatch Parrot Handsfree Fitting

DB Vehicle Electrics have carried out a Parrot CK3100 LCD installation into a brand new Citroen Dispatch in Skegness, Lincolnshire. The customer phoned a few companies but wasn’t happy they would be able to get the handsfree display where he wanted it located on the vehicles dashboard. We said no problem and mounted the screen exactly were required. We run the screen cable neatly into the side of the dashboards trim.

The microphone was mounted in the best location by the interior light to make sure the persons voice is nice and clear on the […]

Parking Sensors Scunthorpe

Parking Sensors scunthorpe

Need parking sensors professionally installed in Scunthorpe? Look no further than DB Vehicle Electrics, we are specialists in aftermarket installations of parking aids and reversing cameras. On this vehicle we installed a 4 sensor parking kit which offers complete protection for the rear of your vehicle. The sensors detect objects from up to 1.5 meters away giving you more than enough advanced warning. They give progressive tone from 1.5 meters until you get a constant tone at 12 inches / 30 cm’s warning you to stop the vehicle instantly. The sensors we provide can be provided in standard black […]

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