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BMW Z3 Heater Resistor Replacement

This BMW Z3 had an issue on the heater fan blower. It would only work in position 4 meaning you couldn’t use any of the settings 1-3. Before replacing any parts we checked all the wiring running to and from the heater resistor for voltage and voltage drop. Once it was comfirmed the heater resistor was faulty we stripped the vehicle down.

Sadly it’s not a quick and easy replacement by dropping the glove box, on this model with A/C the heater resistor is located under the wiper scuttle panel. This can be a pain due to the […]

Ford Focus RS Autowatch Ghost

The Ford Focus RS is a massive hit in the UK market, and sadly if these vehicles are not protected they won’t be around long. The Autowatch Ghost offers excellent protection against someone simply coding a key and driving away. The Ghost is disarmed via a series of button presses within the vehicles interior. This means even if you original Ford remote key is cloned a thief won’t be able to start your vehicle.

The Ghost software works perfectly with the start / stop software on the vehicle meaning the only time […]

Ford Transit Custom Thatcham Deadlocks Lincolnshire

If you own a Ford Transit Custom you are more than likely worried about vehicle security. Thatcham Deadlocks take the worry out of leaving your vehicle. With there Thatcham approved euro cylinders they take a very long time to drill and they have been fully tested against attack.

DB Vehicle Electrics is fully mobile and we come to you in the local Lincolnshire area. We install Thatcham deadlocks, Thatcham Slam Locks and drivers door lock upgrades.

All holes are fully rust proofed and the swarf is removed from the door meaning you don’t have to worry about rust […]

Vaux-Com Diagnostics Lincolnshire

Looking for main dealer level Diagnostics and coding for your Vauxhall? We offer true Vaux Com Diagnostics not the cheap clone from Ebay, these cheap cloned tools can completely immobilise your car due to the software being illegally copied and there is no support for this tool.

True Vaux com comes from Ilexa which is the latest 100% stable diagnostic tool which is main dealer level. We can carry out a basic code scan, live data and full module reprogramming such as a Corsa D which has lost it’s immobiliser key code from a low battery or replacing a […]

Gemini 931T Review

The Gemini 931T offers a massive amount of features for such a small unit. This system offers complete Can-Bus communication and offers anologe inputs if the vehicles Can-Bus line is unavaliable or the vehicle is to old. The system is very unique due to all the software already being pre-loaded inside the unit already meaning there is no laptop or pc programming involved. This makes a much quicker installation providing your vehicle is listed in the install index.

The Gemini 931T is also fully Thatcham approved meaning once fitted to […]

Vauxhall Vivaro Rear Parking Sensors Fitted Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Vivaro rear parking sensors fitted in Lincolnshire. This consisted of a 4 sensors kit which was fitted in the original parking sensor locations giving the original factory appearance.  The sensors installed are very small at 20mm in size and they are very flat to the vehicles body. These sensors were supplied in black and no professional colour coding was required.

The sensors work by detecting objects up to 1.5 meters away giving you a very good advanced warning you are getting close to solid objects. Inside the vehicles cabin we fitted a […]

Vodafone Cobratrak 5 V3 Unit

Cobra / Vodafone Automotive have released there new unit known as the Vodafone Protect and Connect 5. This is a new unit which features a much smaller tracker over many others on the market. As with all Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking you can’t beat an ultra small compact unit. Once this has been hidden in the vehicle it is very difficalt for a vehicle thief to attempt finding the device.

The new unit also features a mobile app which is named ” My Connected Car ” This gives real time infomation on vehicle location and […]

Mercedes Rear Sensors Fitted Sutton-On-Sea

Reversing Sensors fitted in Sutton On Sea to this Mercedes E Class. These reversing sensors were fitted with our perfect colour match service meaning the sensors look like they were factory fitted. DB Vehicle Electrics is fully mobile in the local area. And as such we fitted these parking sensors in Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire.

The sensors consist of 4 parking sensors which are evenly spaced apart along the rear bumper meaning you have good coverage at the rear of your vehicle. The reversing sensors start detecting object from 1.5 meters away giving you excellent […]

Clifford Car Tracker

Want the best car tracker which has just hit the market in 2017?  The Clifford Connect system will lead the way in features and performance. Clifford have teamed up with Global Telematrics to produce a very unique tracker which offers excellent features and a full smartphone app. Giving you total protection of your vehicle, you are able to track the vehicle yourself via the mobile smartphone app and the system is monitored by the secure control centre 365 days per year 24 hours per day.

The subscription is very affordable and it can […]

Fiat Ducato Parrot CK3100 Handsfree Installation Lincoln

Even though new Fiat Ducato’s come with standard Bluetooth many customers are still not impressed with the sound and call quality. Where the microphone is located it makes the voice sound like you are sitting miles away from the microphone.

The Parrot CK3100 links in perfectly to the Fiat audio system via our special adaptor lead. Meaning when you make a call the callers voice will be sent directly to your vehicles speakers. The Parrot CK3100 will display there contact name or there phone number.

We locate the microphone on […]

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